An Australian owned and vertically integrated business, Plantation Pine Products offer full-service bespoke forestry management services. From leasing and buying land, purchasing of trees, logs and residues, transportation, plantation management and harvesting, through to sales, marketing, and delivery for remanufacture in Australia and export markets. Plantation Pine Products is proudly owned by Borg, and committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, effectively enabling vertical integration and a closed loop manufacturing process.

The harvested timber is supplied to manufacturing sites in New South Wales and South Australia for the production of sawn timbers, veneers, medium density fibreboard (MDF), landscape timbers, particleboard, mouldings, door skins, and flooring.

Plantation Pine Products is highly aligned with sustainability and has adapted vertical integration through the association with Borg into every aspect of the business. Not only is this cost-effective and allows for affordable products and services, vertical integration also benefits the environment. Ensuring the production of the highest quality product in the most cost-effective manufacturing processes is integral to Borg's intent of delivering superior value to its customers. Australian Panel Products’ key customers include medium to large secondary manufacturers, decorative material and panel resellers and distributors, and company-owned distribution business, polytec. By working with a Borg company, you are aiding Australian businesses nationwide to maintain a sustainable society.