Purchase or lease of trees and land

Plantation Pine Products are continuously investing in standing trees and plantation forests, creating wealth opportunity and wealth for owners and stakeholders. If you are looking to divest or lease land, or own trees ready for harvest, or own mid rotation forests, Plantation Pine Products is looking to build its portfolio and is a genuinely interested buyer who would like to discuss options with you.

We have competitively tendered and purchased many private forests and managed to unlock additional value through efficient operational control and our stable supply chain. You can achieve the same premium for your trees and forests.

Please contact us to discuss a sale, lease or managed harvest.

Purchase of logs

Plantation Pine Products buys logs to supply direct to manufacturing sites and niche markets in New South Wales and South Australia with future growth opportunities into other Australian states.

Processing and Purchase of Residues

Plantation Pine Products purchase sawmill residues and wood chips for remanufacture into animal bedding, landscape supplies and production of new particleboard. With the aim to produce new products from old resources and return them to the market, diverting more waste from landfill, Plantation Pine Products is encouraging effective efficient waste management processing, and advocating resource recovery.

Plantation Management

Plantation Pine Products offer plantation management services for the preparation, establishment, and ongoing afforestation services such as silviculture, fire protection and forest maintenance.

Plantation Pine Products currently manage a number of plantation forests as well as independently and jointly investing in greenfield, established and mid rotation forests.

Manage forest harvesting

Customers benefit from expert harvesting, efficient cartage and an established supply relationship, with Plantation Pine Products delivering a solid return on investment. Management includes valuation, harvest planning, engineering, earthworks, harvesting, cartage, log marketing, clean-up and establishment.


Plantation Pine Products and its associated companies’ fleets of heavy vehicles and professional drivers can offer short, and long-haul cartage opportunities throughout New South Wales and South Australia delivering raw materials to facilities and manufacturing sites.